Refurbished servers, desktops, laptops, tablets and business-grade network equipment are sold with a full one-year limited warranty. Refurbished smartphones are sold with a limited 45-day warranty. All other products sold, come with the warranties specified on the sales tag.

Some of Our


  • Malware Removal

    Our virus and malware removal services is 100% guaranteed

  • Data Recovery

    We can recovery data from all media types at nearly half the price

  • Computer Repair

    We quickly and effectively diagnose the source of your computer woes

  • Custom PC Builds

    Every computer we build is built to meticulously crafted perfection

  • Website Design

    On the web, you don’t get another chance to make a first impression

Help the Environment! Help a Child! and Save Some Money While You Do So!

DataLink Computers is all about helping out those less fortunate. That is why, for every group of five refurbished desktop computers a business buys from us, we will donate one to a needing child. And for every ten sold to consumers, we will also donate a refurbished desktop computer to a needing child.
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Showpiece 2015 Project Olympus<br><br>
Celebrating 30 Years in the IT Industry. A $30,000 Gaming PC.

Showpiece 2015 Project Olympus

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Service Plans Now Available<br><br>
Desktop, Laptops, Tablets and Smartphone Repairs

Service Plans Now Available

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Showpiece 2017 Project Atlantis<br><br>
Working with our friends at ATM (TANkED on AP).

Showpiece 2017 Project Atlantis

Refurbisher and e-Cycler<br><br>
Give us your unwanted computers and gadgets

Refurbisher and e-Cycler

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Showpiece 2020 The TimeRipper<br><br>
We are building a TARDIS mega case from BBC's Doctor Who.

Showpiece 2020 The TimeRipper

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I love my new machine, I’ve even already given it a name. This has been a great experience for me, coming across datalink website. I have spend quite a bit of time researching different companies and their products, let me tell you – I am extremely pleased with choosing datalink !

This was my first time , selecting my own custom pc (hardware, components and software). This little beast is a great machine – my games look, feel & run a lot better than what I was using before this purchase. I am very impressed with the whole process from start-to-finish !! Only having my machine roughly one week, I can hardly stay off of it. Thus, selecting a case and mobo that I can upgrade as time goes on is a bonus.

I have been so excited about this, everyone I told about this – has asked me how is it? All I can say at first, is it’s pretty sweet and then start to carry on about all the details. Without further ado, I would like to say “Thank You” to the awesome guys that made this all happen for me. Once again – thank all of you, very much for exceeding my expectations. I will be a repeat customer – that’s for sure.


To anyone interested in configuring their own computer I can thoroughly recommend DLCS for the build. From the first call through to delivery and install I had absolutely no issues whatsoever. Whole process from order to delivery was around two weeks, par for the course for a custom build I would say, I was in no hurry and never pushed the order at all. Over the years this is my third custom build from them.