Refurbished servers, desktops, laptops, tablets and business-grade network equipment are sold with a full one-year limited warranty. Refurbished smartphones are sold with a limited 45-day warranty. All other products sold, come with the warranties specified on the sales tag.

Some of Our


  • Malware Removal

    Our virus and malware removal services is 100% guaranteed

  • Data Recovery

    We can recovery data from all media types at nearly half the price

  • Computer Repair

    We quickly and effectively diagnose the source of your computer woes

  • Custom PC Builds

    Every computer we build is built to meticulously crafted perfection

  • Website Design

    On the web, you don’t get another chance to make a first impression

Help the Environment! Help a Child! and Save Some Money While You Do So!

DataLink Computers is all about helping out those less fortunate. That is why, for every group of five refurbished desktop computers a business buys from us, we will donate one to a needing child. And for every ten sold to consumers, we will also donate a refurbished desktop computer to a needing child.
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Showpiece 2015 Project Olympus<br><br>
Celebrating 30 Years in the IT Industry. A $30,000 Gaming PC.

Showpiece 2015 Project Olympus

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Service Plans Now Available<br><br>
Desktop, Laptops, Tablets and Smartphone Repairs

Service Plans Now Available

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Showpiece 2017 Project Atlantis<br><br>
Working with our friends at ATM (TANkED on AP).

Showpiece 2017 Project Atlantis

Refurbisher and e-Cycler<br><br>
Give us your unwanted computers and gadgets

Refurbisher and e-Cycler

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Showpiece 2020 The TimeRipper<br><br>
We are building a TARDIS mega case from BBC's Doctor Who.

Showpiece 2020 The TimeRipper

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I could not be happier with my website! Thank you so much for taking my vision and making it happen! Everyone who visits the site gives me nothing but compliments, and it matches the rest of my business materials perfectly! Not only that, but I also love that after just a few weeks in business, I already show up on the first page of a Google search!

Thanks so much for offering advice while still making sure the final product is “mine”, I will be sure to recommend you to anyone who asks!

Thank you.


I love my new machine, I’ve even already given it a name. This has been a great experience for me, coming across datalink website. I have spend quite a bit of time researching different companies and their products, let me tell you – I am extremely pleased with choosing datalink !

This was my first time , selecting my own custom pc (hardware, components and software). This little beast is a great machine – my games look, feel & run a lot better than what I was using before this purchase. I am very impressed with the whole process from start-to-finish !! Only having my machine roughly one week, I can hardly stay off of it. Thus, selecting a case and mobo that I can upgrade as time goes on is a bonus.

I have been so excited about this, everyone I told about this – has asked me how is it? All I can say at first, is it’s pretty sweet and then start to carry on about all the details. Without further ado, I would like to say “Thank You” to the awesome guys that made this all happen for me. Once again – thank all of you, very much for exceeding my expectations. I will be a repeat customer – that’s for sure.