Refurbished servers, desktops, laptops, tablets and business-grade network equipment are sold with a full one-year limited warranty. Refurbished smartphones are sold with a limited 45-day warranty. All other products sold, come with the warranties specified on the sales tag.

Some of Our


  • Malware Removal

    Our virus and malware removal services is 100% guaranteed

  • Data Recovery

    We can recovery data from all media types at nearly half the price

  • Computer Repair

    We quickly and effectively diagnose the source of your computer woes

  • Windows Updates

    Sometimes you just need to start over, giving a refresh you need

  • Home Wireless

    We can help configure and secure your wireless router and adapter

  • Website Design

    On the web, you don’t get another chance to make a first impression

  • Custom PC Builds

    Every computer we build is built to meticulously crafted perfection

  • Phone Systems

    Give your small business an affordable big business (e)PBX

  • Digital Surveillance

    Don't let that expensive insurance policy be wasted by bad cameras

Help the Environment! Help a Child! and Save Some Money Doing So!

DataLink Computers is all about helping out those less fortunate. That is why, for every group of five refurbished desktop computers a business buys from us, we will donate one to a needing child. And for every ten sold to consumers, we will also donate a refurbished desktop computer to a needing child.
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Showpiece PC Coming Soon<br><br>
Working with our friends at ATM (TANkED on AP)

Showpiece PC Coming Soon

Service Plans Now Available<br><br>
Desktop, Laptops, Tablets and Smartphone Repairs

Service Plans Now Available

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Refurbisher and e-Cycler<br><br>
Give us your unwanted computers and gadgets

Refurbisher and e-Cycler

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Alright, don’t get me wrong, BestBuy is a great store, it has fancy displays and lots of products to look at… Expect that all those products are ridiculously overpriced and all the customer service people seem to think the solution to anything is turning it off then back on again. I am an experienced laptop user, I’ve taken my laptop apart at least a dozen times and modded many of my own upgrades into it myself. When my laptop crashed and I couldn’t find out why, I took it to DataLink. Brian was fast, friendly and legit. Since I’m addicted to the laptop, I would call nearly every day and talk to Brian about how it was going. Brian would tell me EXACTLY what they were doing, and EXACTLY what they were testing… BEFORE he did anything he gave me a call to check if it’s alright… If you can ever get that service at Bestbuy, the moons must be in planetary alignment. I’m sticking wth DataLink Computer Services. It’s affordable, PERSONAL, and quality. Values you simply can’t match at a junk store like BestBuy… Don’t you think it’s ironic best buy always asks you just to buy a new laptop?


My computer had picked up several viruses and was a mess. I contacted Norton for help….it took several hours on the phone with them ..only to say they couldn’t fix it and advised me to contact H.P. tech support. I went through the same with them with no results. After a few more hours on the phone they advised me to contact H.P. Parts Co. to purchase the rite disc to fix the problem. This had taken almost a week….Instead I called Datalink Computers..dropped my computer off to them at lunch…picked it up the following day after work..and once again I am on-line! My dealings with Datalink were polite, informative and I am very happy to have called them. If I have any other problems with my P.C. I know who to call… Thank-you guys.