TouchPoint VM Server

DataLink Computer Services and JusGreen Auto Wash Technologies, Incorporated; along with several other strategic partners, are in collaboration, in the development of TouchPoint VM Server.

The TouchPoint VM Server is for those car wash with heavy traffic flow and many bays, kiosks, etc. The TouchPoint VM Server is used to off-load much of your equipment needed processing power to a specialized server that either sits in the back office of your car wash facility or in a dedicated datacenter off-site (connected via the cloud). Having a TouchPoint VM Server also decreases the costs of upgrading your facilities hardware as the majority of the operations will reside in one place the TouchPoint VM Server.. 

The TouchPoint VM Servers consist of the latest in rack-mountable, multi-core, Dell server technology. Our TouchPoint VM Servers can operate up to 16 devices simultaneously, out of the box. The TouchPoint VM Server manages all  your devices software upgrades; as well as see's to the propagation of your TouchPoint databases.


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All TouchPoint® products include our 5-year limited warranty.
So that you can be confident in your investment; and be secure in the knowledge that your customers will have a pleasant experience at your car wash.


This five-year warranty covers against natural wear and tear or against manufacturers defect ONLY; it does not cover any hardware failure that has resulted from vandalism; natural disaster; or any other causes not specified above. We do not warranty against cosmetic damage or any damage done to the touchscreen display. The touchscreen display is only warranted as far as its back-light or its power supply and cabling is concerned.

Included with this warranty is five years of free hardware monitoring (if your hardware is cloud connected). Your TouchPoint equipment is designed to monitor each of its vital components and will send both, you the owner, and our tech support team, notifications if any problems are on the horizon. If your hardware is on the brink of failure and it is still under warranty, we will send you replacement parts, at no cost to you and hopefully before your equipment malfunctions.

TouchPoint® is a registered trademark of JusGreen Wash Systems, Inc. PayPoint™, TunnelWash™, SelfServe™ and ProfitCentre™ are unregistered trademarks of JusGreen Wash Systems, Inc. Any unauthorized use of said trademark(s) will be prosecuted.