TouchPoint Vacuums

DataLink Computer Services and JusGreen Auto Wash Technologies, Incorporated; along with several other strategic partners, are in collaboration, in the development of TouchPoint Vacuum.

When the TouchPoint Vacuum is finally ready for sale; it will come in three distinct models. A standard vacuum with our integrated TouchPoint Vacuum kiosk; a IVS model with just basic in-shop controls; and the TouchPoint Vacuum that will revolutionize the industry - a never before seen marvel; a central vacuum that integrates our TouchPoint Vacuum kiosk and turns your "Free Vacuums" into money making ProfitCentre machines.

TouchPoint Vacuums use cutting-edge industry technology as well as rugidized solid state components; assuring long life and reliability. All TouchPoint products are user-friendly and include enticing customer-grabbing graphic and touchscreen interfaces. Security is also not a concern either; as all TouchPoint equipment include live-monitoring features and has been constructed to be vandal proof which includes the LCD display.

 STARTING AT: $9,600

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Industrial Vacuum IVS Model

The TouchPoint IVS Vacuum is are basic stand-alone vacuum with none of the kiosk features included. This vacuum has the same quality of design as our SuperVAC and SuperVAC Combo vacuum; but without the integrated kiosk.  Simply press the option button you want and the vacuum, carpet cleaner or fragrance wand is in operation.

Used mainly for full service car washes and for detailing shops.


SuperVAC & SuperVAC Combo Models

The TouchPoint SuperVac and SuperVAC Combo Vacuums are the top of the line in car wash vacuums; the very first in the industry to integrate LCD displays, let alone 3D MLD (multi-level display) touchscreen technology.

Constructed from 18-gauge stainless steal; laser cut for precision and welded. The "vault" is constructed out of 12-gauge stainless steal; which adds to the security of the equipment.

These vacuums come standard with two three-stage Ametek/Lamb vacuum motors and can be fitted with a third three-stage motor.

The vault; which has two access panels; includes a 17-inch vandal proof MLD touchscreen LCD; as well as a solid-state computer; this computer is capable; out of the box, of both ethernet connectivity or wireless; this allowing the owner the ability to monitor everything from profits to hardware failures; it also allows managers to calibrate the point-of-sale to name just a few features.

The vault's second panel is installed to the buyers specifications; wither they want to accept coins; bills; credit cards; or gift/membership cards.

Optionally; with the SuperVAC Combo option; car wash facility owners can include fragrances dispensing and/or carpet shampooing options to their customers. These options can be installed at anytime, as the housing for this equipment upgrade is already included.


Central Vac Model

The TouchPoint Central Vac model includes a kiosk (same as the vault in the SuperVAC and SuperVAC Combo) and our patented flow control valve which allows you to start profiting with your Central Vacuum system with minimal retrofitting of your existing drops; the only ProfitCentre system on the market today which allows you to do so... This flow control valve is the key to your profitability and is not sold anywhere else.

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All TouchPoint® products include our 5-year limited warranty.
So that you can be confident in your investment; and be secure in the knowledge that your customers will have a pleasant experience at your car wash.


This five-year warranty covers against natural wear and tear or against manufacturers defect ONLY; it does not cover any hardware failure that has resulted from vandalism; natural disaster; or any other causes not specified above. We do not warranty against cosmetic damage or any damage done to the touchscreen display. The touchscreen display is only warranted as far as its back-light or its power supply and cabling is concerned.

Included with this warranty is five years of free hardware monitoring (if your hardware is cloud connected). Your TouchPoint equipment is designed to monitor each of its vital components and will send both, you the owner, and our tech support team, notifications if any problems are on the horizon. If your hardware is on the brink of failure and it is still under warranty, we will send you replacement parts, at no cost to you and hopefully before your equipment malfunctions.

TouchPoint® is a registered trademark of JusGreen Wash Systems, Inc. PayPoint™, TunnelWash™, SelfServe™ and ProfitCentre™ are unregistered trademarks of JusGreen Wash Systems, Inc. Any unauthorized use of said trademark(s) will be prosecuted.