PBX Systems for Small Businesses

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PBX Basic
Intel Celeron 1.58GHz
80GB SSD Hard Drive
Gigabyte Ethernet
Wireless 802.11 bgn
x1 USB3 / x2 USB2
x1 VGA / x1 HDMI
Realtek Audio
SIP Trunk Only
IP Phones Only
1 Year Limited Parts Warranty
2 Years Labor & Tech. Support
PBX RackServer
Intel Pentium 3.0GHz
500GB SSD Hard Drive
Gigabyte Ethernet
350W Power Supply
x4 USB3 / x2 USB2
x1 D-Sub / x1 HDMI / x1 DVI-D
T1/PRI & 24 FXO/FXS Cards
SIP and T1/PRI Trunk Supported
IP or Analog Phones
1 Year Limited Parts Warranty
2 Years Labor & Tech. Support


DescriptionProduct Add-On'sVoIP SIP Pricing


Today, there are more than one million Asterisk-based communications systems in use, in more than 170 countries. Asterisk is used by almost the entire Fortune 1000 list of customers. Most often deployed by system integrators and developers, Asterisk can become the basis for a complete business phone system, or used to enhance or extend an existing system, or to bridge a gap between systems.


  • Unlimited Extensions
  • TDM/SIP/IAX Trunks
  • Remote Extensions
  • Voicemail
  • Fax Support (Beta only)

  • Voicemail to Email
  • IVR Menu System
  • Ring Groups
  • Call Queues
  • Conference Rooms

  • Follow-Me
  • Time-Based Routing
  • Music On Hold
  • Paging and Intercom
  • Web Access to Voicemail

  • Phone Provisioning Tool
  • Admin Status Screen
  • Package Manager (for easy updates)
  • Network Settings Tool
  • Echo Cancellation - OSLEC


FXO - Foreign Exchange Office is the port that receives the analog line from the telephone company (Telco). It is the line coming from the wall and is the Dial Tone coming from your Telco.

FXS - Foreign Exchange Subscriber is the port that delivers the analog line to the user. This port sits in the your Asterisk PBX, and provides you with a Dial Tone and an extension number. This is where you connect an ANALOG phone (your old home analog phone).

VoIP Phones


Cisco IP VoIP 8861 LCD Bluetooth Wi-fi Conference Phone

The Cisco IP Phone 8861 is a business-class collaboration endpoint that combines high-fidelity, reliable, secure, and scalable voice communications with Cisco Intelligent Proximity for telephony integration for personal mobile devices to support midsize to large enterprise businesses.

With the IP Phone 8861, you can increase personal productivity through an engaging user experience that is both powerful and easy-to-use. The IP Phone 8861 combines an attractive ergonomic design with wideband audio for crystal clear voice communications, “always-on” reliability, and encrypted voice communications to enhance security, and access to a comprehensive suite of unified communications features from Cisco communication servers.

In addition, Cisco Intelligent Proximity brings the worlds of desk and mobile together for you when you are using your mobile device at the desk for your work. You can move the audio path over to the IP Phone 8861 during active mobile calls to take advantage of its superior audio acoustics. An example would be to share a conversation with a colleague who you want to listen in. This capability gives you greater flexibility and a superior user experience when at your desk.

The IP Phone 8861 comes standard with two USB ports so you can charge your personal mobile devices when at your desk, and stay connected when away from your desk.

The Cisco IP Phone 8861 offers five programmable line keys. You can configure keys to support either multiple directory numbers or calling features such as speed dial. You can also boost productivity by handling multiple calls for each directory number using the multicall-per-line feature. Fixed-function keys give you one-touch access to applications, messaging, directory, as well as often-used calling features such as hold/resume, transfer, and conference. A five-way navigation cluster helps you transition through menus more easily. Backlit acoustic keys provide flexibility for audio path selection and switching.

x3 Additional Modules

Cisco IP Phone 8800 Key Expansion Module

The Cisco IP Phone 8800 Key Expansion Module extends the capabilities of Cisco IP Phone 8851 and 8861 models with additional buttons and a color LCD display.


Cisco SPA302DKIT-G1 Phone Kit

The Cisco SPA302D Multi-Line DECT Handset is designed exclusively for use with the Cisco SPA232D Multi-Line DECT ATA, and together these products enable the convenience of a cordless on-premises mobility solution for voice-over-IP (VoIP) service. The SPA302D is a mobility enhanced handset, designed primarily for business environments that require a cordless phone to support not just one but multiple telephone numbers or lines, providing a highly innovative VoIP solution for users who tend to frequently move about their location but must always be reachable around the premises.


CISCO 7975G-CH1 VOIP Color Phone

The Cisco Unified IP Phone 7975G demonstrates the latest advances in VoIP telephony, including wideband audio support, backlit color touchscreen display, and an integrated Gigabit Ethernet port. It addresses the needs of the executive or major decision maker, administrative assistants, and those working with bandwidth-intensive applications on colocated PCs. This IP phone includes a large, backlit, easy-to-read color display (Figure 2) for easy access to communication information, timesaving applications, and features such as date and time, calling party name, calling party number, digits dialed, and presence information. The phone provides direct access to eight telephone lines (or combination of lines, speed dials, and direct access to telephony features), five interactive soft keys that guide you through call features and functions, and an intuitive four-way (plus Select key) navigation cluster. A hands-free speakerphone and handset designed for high-fidelity wideband audio are standard, as is a built-in headset connection.



Cisco 7960 Unified IP Phone

The Cisco 7960G 6 line IP Phone includes a large pixel based LCD display, full duplex speaker phone and an internal Cisco Ethernet switch. The internal two port Ethernet switch allows a computer and the phone to be daisy chained, reducing the amount of cabling and Ethernet jacks needed for the office.



Cisco Unified IP Conference Station

The Cisco Unified 7937G IP Conference Station combines state-of-the-art wideband speakerphone conferencing technologies with award-winning Cisco voice communication technologies. The net result is a conference room phone that offers superior wideband voice and microphone quality, with simplified wiring and administrative cost benefits. A full-featured, IP-based, hands-free conference station, the new Cisco Unified 7937G IP Conference Station is designed for use on desktops, in conference rooms, and in executive suites.

Expansion Cards

MSRP: $629.00

x1 Additional Card

T1/PRI Card – Single Port

The TE110P brings a high-performance, cost-effective, and flexible single span togglable T1/PRI or E1/PRI interface to the Digium line-up of telephony interface devices. The TE110P is a compact and powerful interface supporting voice and data transmission over T1, E1, and Primary Rate ISDN (PRI) connections.

The TE110P supports industry-standard telephony and data protocols, including Robbed Bit Signaling (RBS), GR-303, and PRI protocols including NFAS (Non-Facility Association Signaling) for voice and Cisco HDLC, PPP and Frame Relay for data transmission. A low profile, half-length PCI form factor allows this device to fit within a 2U rack mount case or equivalent chassis, offer excellent density for call center, service provider, and other space-sensitive applications.

Of course, the TE110P is fully supported by Digium’s open source Asterisk PBX software. Used in conjunction with Asterisk, the TE110P offers the power to create a seamless network, interconnecting traditional telephony systems with the emerging Voice-over IP technologies. The TE110P can be used to deliver a wide range of PBX and IVR services to the network or handset including Voicemail, Call Conferencing, Three-Way Calling, and VoIP Gateways.

MSRP: $1,559.00

x1 Additional Card

T1/PRI Card – Quad Port

The TE410P is the next generation of Digium hardware that improves performance and scalability through bus mastering architecture.

The TE410P supports E1, T1, and J1 environments and is selectable on a per-card or per-port basis. This feature enables signaling translation between E1, T1, J1 equipment and allows inexpensive T1 channel banks to connect with E1 circuits. Because the TE410P improves I/O speed by up to 10 times, the result is reduced CPU usage and increased card density per server.

Digium has designed the TE410P to be fully compatible with existing software applications and it is fully integrated with the Asterisk Open Source PBX/IVR platform. Also, the open source driver supports an API interface for custom application development. With the combination of Digium Hardware and Asterisk software, numerous combinations of telephony configurations are possible. From the traditional PBX to VoIP Gateways, Digium solutions are paving the way for a new generation of worldwide communications.

The TE410P supports industry standard telephony and data protocols, including Primary Rate ISDN (both N. American and Standard Euro) protocol families for voice, PPP, Cisco, HDLC, and Frame Relay data modes. Both line-side and trunk-side interfaces are supported, also included are advanced call features.

Digium cards are smarter! Second-generation firmware for Digium multispan TE-series hardware PCI cards, provides several new features. These features allow Digium cards to do more work in hardware and leaving the server’s CPU open to do other tasks, all of which contribute to less CPU overhead, and therefore improved performance, and more channels running through a single PC or server.

  • TDM channel alignment in hardware (instead of software), for greater voice integrity and reliability.
  • Master clock source distribution for synchronized timing across multiple cards, assuring synchronization of clocks and increasing reliability and quality of data transmission.
  • Zero-latency TDM direct hardware-level cross-connect
  • Support for new echo-cancellation module which further increases performance.
  • DTMF detection can be done in hardware with echo cancellation module.
  • Field upgradable firmware for future updates.

MSRP: $359.00

4 Port FXS/FXO Card

The Wildcard TDM400P is a half-length PCI 2.2-compliant card that supports FXS and FXO station interfaces for connecting analog telephones and analog POTS lines through a PC. Using Digium’s Asterisk Open Source PBX software and standard PC hardware, one can create a SOHO (Small Office Home Office) telephony environment that includes all the sophisticated features of a high-end business telephone system.

The TDM400P takes the place of an expensive channel bank and brings the system price point to a low level. By using X100M and S110M modules with the TDM400P, one can create a solution with support for a range of telephones. To scale this solution, simply add additional TDM400P cards populated with modules.

MSRP: $1,695.00

x3 Additional Cards

24 Port FXS/FXO Card

The Wildcard TDM2400P is a full-length PCI 2.2-compliant card for connecting analog telephones and analog POTS lines through a PC. It supports a combination of up to 6 FXS and/or FXO modules for a total of 24 lines.

Using Digium’s Asterisk Open Source PBX software and standard PC hardware, one can create a telephony environment that includes all the sophisticated features of a high-end business telephone system.

Using an industry-standard bursting, bus-mastering PCI interface chip that is found within millions of PC systems worldwide, and Digium VoiceBus™ technology, the TDM2400P eliminates the requirement for separate channel bank and T1 interface cards, at an industry-leading price. The quad-FXO and quad-FXS modules are interchangeable, allowing the creation of any combination of interfaces. The optional hardware echo cancellation module provides 1024 taps (128 milliseconds) of echo cancellation for superior echo cancellation on both FXO and FXS interfaces. Scaling of this solution is accomplished by adding additional TDM2400P cards.

Note: The 12V power connector is required for the operation of FXS modules. It is not required for the operation of FXO modules.

MSRP: $795.00

GSM Card

Use the GSM card to bridge calls from any Mobile GSM Network to VOIP in order to reduce mobile call cost or create new connections. Our cards are used by any size company who have employees on the road or want to create extensions in remote locations. Your PBX will become mobile and extensions roaming.

Drivers are available for Linux 2.4X and 2.6X Kernels for easy installation with any Open Source projects such as Asterisk, Elastix, Trixbox and FreeSwitch. GSM cards have FRONT PLATE SIM LOAD technology which allows the user to insert/remove the SIM cards without opening the computer chassis.

The reason why you can buy this card so cheap is because we developed and manufactured our own cards unlike most of the companies above.



9U Wall Mount Network Server Cabinet

Best Choice Products presents this brand new wall mount steel IT cabinet . This IT cabinet can be wall-mounted or self standing and is great for organizing your networking equipment. It has key locked removable side panels for easy access, along with a ceiling fan and venting slots to keep your equipment cool. NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED. We purchase our products directly from the manufacturer, so you know you’re getting the best prices available.


Cisco 4-Port Dual WAN/VPN Firewall w/ Shelf

The Cisco RV042 Dual WAN VPN Router delivers highly secure, high-performance, reliable connectivity – to the Internet, other offices, and employees working remotely – from the heart of your small business network. This proven router provides the performance and security you need to help keep your employees, and your business, productive.

The Cisco RV042 enables two connections, either to a single service provider, with load balancing to improve performance, or to different providers to support business continuity. High-capacity virtual private network (VPN)capabilities let multiple offices and dozens of employees access the information they need from anywhere, just as securely as if they were working at your main office.


Cisco Small Business 10-Port Gigabit Max-PoE Managed Switch

The Cisco (SRW2008MPK9NA) is a switching hub that will be the rock on which you build your business network. High in functionality, this Cisco managed switch features eight RJ-45 10/100/1000Base-T PoE LAN ports, and a switching capacity of 20 Gbps. Performance will peak and addition of voice, wireless, and security services is simple with the Cisco (SRW2008MPK9NA) that supports sophisticated technologies like quality of service (QoS) intelligence and advanced traffic management. This switching hub is energy-efficient, as it optimizes power usage by lowering the power of ports that are not being used. Setup is extremely simple as this Cisco managed switch is easily configured and managed.


Cisco Small Business 24-Port Smart PoE Gigabit Switch

The SG 200-26P smart switch provides 26 10/100/1000 Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) ports as well as two combination mini-GBIC uplink ports, allowing you to connect employees to each other and with the computers, servers, printers, and other devices they use. This high-performance, reliable connectivity helps speed file transfer times and improve network uptime, and allows employees to respond more quickly to customers and each other. In addition, the SG 200-26P works with Cisco and third-party wireless solutions to extend the reach of your network, allowing employees to access applications and work productively from wherever they are, including conference rooms or other offices.

Embedded PoE technology makes it easier to connect and power IP-based devices, such as phones and surveillance cameras, and wireless access points. And there’s no need for separate power supplies or outlets, because the SG 200-26P can send power to these devices over the same cable that sends data.


Cisco Small Business 48-Port Smart PoE Gigabit Switch

The Cisco SLM2048PT-NA 50-Port ethernet switch is a Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch and has 50 fast Ethernet ports and provides effective switching solutions for small businesses. Equipped with two combo mini-GBIC Ethernet ports, this Cisco switch supports IPv4 and IPv6 and has a 100 Gbps switch capacity. The Cisco SG200-50P Ethernet Switch has Auto Voice VLAN capabilities, advanced network management and is energy efficient.

Power Supplies

MSRP: $1,065.00

MSRP: $2,295.00

Eaton 5P 1500/3000VAC Rackmount UPS

The Eaton 5P Rackmount UPS delivers reliable enterprise class backup power with an efficiency rating of up to 99%. With ENERGY STAR® qualified models, the 5P’s graphical LCD display allows you to view UPS status in a single glance and provides more available power than comparable UPSs. When paired with Intelligent Power Software Suite, the 5P allows you to seamlessly manage your connected equipment, even in virtualized environments.

Upgrade Price

350W Redundant PBX RackServer Power Supply

Dynapower Sure Star 2U Redundant 350W Power Supply, Active PFC Dynapower Sure Star 2U Redundant 350W Power Supply, Active PFC Specifications : Part Number: – TC-350R2U Form Factor: – 2U Power Supply Wattage: – 350W SLI/CrossFire Ready: – No 80 Plus Certified: – No Modular: – No Power Factor Correction: – Active Redundant: – Yes 12 Volt Rails: – One Power Supply Connectors: – Mother Board Connector: – 20 + 4 Pin Connector x 1 – CPU Connector: – 4 pin x 1 – 4 + 4 pin x 0 – 8 pin x 1 – PCI-E Connector: – 6 pin x 0 – 6 + 2 pin x 0 – 8 pin x 0 – SATA Connectors: – 2 – 4 Pin Molex: – 5 – Floppy Connector: – 1 Cooling: – 1x40mm Fan (Each module) Dimensions: – D280 X W101 X H84mm Warranty: – 1 Year Warranty


Passive POE Splitter Adapter


48V 500mA POE Injector Network Power Supply


Cisco VoIP Phone Power Supply


Only pay for what you use
No monthly fees, no hidden fees and no contracts.

Codec SupportG.711, G.729, T.38
Signaling FieldsDTMF RFC 2833
Caller-ID (CLI)P-Asserted-Identity, Privacy Support
ForwardingDiversion Headers
Deliver as traditional T1/PRIAvailable upon request
E911 Support
CNAM Support
INUM Support
Local$0.01 per minute
United States (Contiguous)$0.0175 per minute
Canada$0.0175 per minute
Alaska$0.3656 per minute
Hawaii$0.0495 per minute
United States (Contiguous)$0.0095 per minute
Canada$0.0095 per minute
Alaska$0.43125 per minute
Hawaii$0.02798 per minute
InternationalAvailable upon request
US Phone Number$2 per month
US Toll-free Number$2 per month
E911 Service$1 per number / month
International DIDs 50+ countries availableAvailable upon request
Number Porting$7.50 per number