Evaluation: $60.00

+ Per 10GB: $  2.00

If your data is absolutely critical; we do offer hard drive repair services. Prices in these cases will vary from the prices above.

Data recovery is the process of recovering data from a failed hard drive. We use special hardware and software to recover data before the drive becomes completely unusable. This method is successful in most data recovery situations, however there are times when a drive is damaged beyond this level of service. With our free diagnostic, we will let you know the facts and do everything we can to recover the data.

  • Diagnose your computer or hard drive to determine if the hard drive has failed
  • Use our methods to determine if we can recover the data
  • Provide you with a price quote for the data recovery service
  • Recover all data on the hard drive
  • Sort through the corrupt data and give you back only what matters



In most cases it is not possible to determine if a drive needs data recovery or simply needs data transfer without a diagnostic. This is because even failing hard drives can sometimes be accessed without the need for the data recovery process. The drive might be beyond use, but not beyond us getting the data off with just a little time. We specialize in data recovery and will let you know which applies to you.



Current standard hard drives contain a motor, several magnetic platters, and read/write heads to access the data. Standard hard drive rotation is around 7200rpm, meaning the platters inside spin extremely fast. This motion is the general reason why these hard drives fail, but not always. Sometimes the data on the platter becomes corrupted due to losing its magnetic structure. Other times the read/write heads do not perform correctly. The logic board controlling the transferring of data between the drive and motherboard could fail too. There are a few other reasons, but the most noticeable cause of hard drive failures is motion. If the hard drive is spinning and there is any sharp motion, such as a fall or hard bump, there is a good chance the hard drive will begin to fail. If this ever occurs, time is of the essence, and bringing the drive to us as soon as possible greatly improves the computer repair process.



There usually will be some signs that your hard drive is failing, but they are often confused with other reasons as well. Sometimes your hard drive might be bad, however the computer still works. The corrupt data might only be on part of the hard drive, meaning some things work, and some things don’t. You may notice your computer runs slower and slower over time – this is due to an increasing number of corrupt sectors on the hard drive. Most users who have had this issue report they noticed the computer getting slower over time before failing completely, where now the computer won’t turn on at all. If you bring the computer to us before a full crash, it’s much easier to proceed with the repair.



You first need to realize that all hard drives fail at some point. It’s just a matter of time. Although new solid state hard drives are magnitudes more reliable than standard rotational hard drives, they will still fail at some point. The key is backing up your data to one or more external locations. There are many hardware and software solutions for backing up your data – and as long as your data is being backed up you will mitigate the damage of a failed hard drive on your computer. If you do not have a backup solution, please contact us and we can help you protect your data from a hard drive crash.