Hardware Installation

Computer's performance and speed can be improve: Upgrade and/or increase RAM (random access memory), upgrade to larger or faster hard drive, or add an extra hard drive, upgrade or add a faster video cards, or any other upgrade you need. Say goodbye to tantrums at boot-up time and hissy fits during loading.

Motherboard Installation
Processor (CPU) Installation

Let us analyze if your computer motherboard allow the processor upgrade to boost your computer performance. A processor upgrade can transform a sluggish PC into a fast speed computer.

Memory (RAM) Installation

Speed computer and performance increasing the amount of RAM, as much as your computer can support. It improves productivity, handling more things at the same time without bogging down. Software upgrades may require a memory boost. If your computer is running slow, adding more RAM can be the least expensive way to get greater speed.

Video Card (GPU) Installation

Video card or graphic card will make a tremendous improvement in overall system performance. With a dedicated video card, your CPU will not work as hard, and you will have more RAM available to run programs, which will mean that your hard drive(s) are accessed less. This translates to programs open/close faster, and the display on your monitor gets refreshed faster. That is, after the program opens (or closes, or whatever), you will see the results faster. These improvements make the computer feel like a faster computer, even if it's not significantly faster.

Hard Drive Installation


Power Supply Installation


Cooling Fan Installation


Water Loop Installation