25 March 2020
25 March 2020, Comments: Comments Off on OUR COVID19 RESPONSE

Inslee announces "Stay Home, Stay Healthy" order

March 23, 2020

Tonight, Gov. Jay Inslee spoke directly to Washingtonians to announce he will sign a statewide order that requires everyone in the state to stay home. The order will last for two weeks and could be extended.

Due to our state governors proclamation, we have decided to temporarily close our doors to the public; and have sent home our employees, so that they may keep themselves and their families safe from the effects of this pandemic. It will be a hard time, but it is what we must do to keep everyone in our community as safe as possible. Our heartfelt thoughts are with those who have been impacted by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic.

That said; we understand that we provide an essential service to our community. I.T. services are vital to the continued operations and function, not only to many of the small businesses and corporations in our area, but to local government as well. And, with so many people now working from home, our community cannot afford to lose such a service.

Stores, understandably so, like the Apple Store and Best Buy have shuttered their stores for the time being; as has other smaller computer repair shops. This has created a problem, if you are working from home and your computer goes down; or you working for the city and your hard drive crashes. You need some where to go.

Like I stated, we at DataLink Computer Services, like many others, have closed our storefront; however, we have decided to still make our services available to those in our community.  If you are in need of any I.T. assistance; please give us a call.


  1. Give us a call at (360) 589-3857 and talk to Brian; he will look at the schedule and assign a support tech to your case. He will give you a time and location to where you can drop of your equipment off to be serviced. Remember to include the power supply and cord with your equipment drop off. DO NOT include any carrying case. Also, if possible, place the item needing repair inside a plastic disposable bag, such as a garbage bag. Your support tech will be wearing a face mask and gloves (if needed and available) during the exchange, for your safety. The exchange will occur curbside in an open, well ventilated space.
  2. When we collect your equipment, the first thing we will do is to sanitize it and put it under a UV light for 10 minutes. This will kill off most of the COVID19 virus, if it is present.
  3. Unless it isn't necessary; your support tech will conduct a free basic diagnostics of your equipment. If their is any expense beyond what has already been agreed upon, they will contact you and let you know what the total expense will be. If you agree to the cost, parts will be ordered once the down payment has been made, if the parts are not currently available . As soon as they arrive; the repair will be completed and you will be contacted to schedule a curbside pickup. Please note: That due to the current crisis, it may take longer than normal for your parts to arrive. Custom gaming builds could take up to 2-weeks to complete. Parts will need to be ordered, shipped and the system built and tested.
  4. When the work is complete and ready for pickup; your support tech will once again sanitize and UV sterilize your equipment. They will then place your equipment back into a bag and delivered to your vehicle, near where you dropped it off.

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