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In Development

The Fish4Kids Foundation will grant children with autism and other developmental disabilities aquariums and fish (as support animals).

SereneMarine Aquatics

In Development

Serene Marine sells aquariums; equipment and marine fish to hobbyists in Spokane and the surrounding area.


In Development

ArcadeAuction is an eBay style website that allows arcade and arcade machine owners to buy, sell or trade their arcade machines.

FutureFund – Crowdfunding for the rest of us

In Development

Grays Harbor Blower Door Testing

Developed: January 2017

Blower Door Testing is now required in all of Grays Harbor. Grays Harbor Blower Door Testing has long experience with construction of modern 'tight' homes, and bring the best in Testing Equipment to your project.

Wild West Pizzeria

In Development

This website is designed to help influence investors to invest in the Goldmine Family Entertainment Center. A corner stone of the business is a upper-crust pizzeria, making affordable, high-quality pizza and other delicious foods.

The Green Store

In Development

Selling hardware for off-grid living; from rainwater harvesting to wind and solar power. This outfit can guide you through what works and what doesn't in our area.

Christ Car Wash, North America

In Development

This company will be the American subsidiary and importer of Christ Car Wash's line of cutting-edge car wash equipment.

.networks by OurHarbor

In Development

A website just for Grays Harbor. Post anything! Converse! Trade! Meetup! Talk privately and securely as well using the chat feature.

JusGreen Auto Wash System’s

Developed: September 2016

Manufacturer's of the worlds only touch-screen-centric car wash equipment, the TouchPoint line. They are also  the only united States authorized distributor for Christ Car Wash equipment.

Tek EaZe

tekeaze-1024x688Developed: April 2016

Tek EaZe is a locally owned business that offers a large variety of technical support services. They specialize in computer repair; virus and malware removal; as well as many other IT services.

Austin’s Lawns

austins-lawn-care-1024x683Developed: June 2015

Austin's Lawn Care and Handyman Services is a professional lawn and garden service that offers a variety of lawn care and maintenance services as well as other handyman services to the Aberdeen, Hoquiam and Cosmopolis vicinity.

The Carving Board

carving-board-1024x683Developed: October 2015

Offering customers the best roast beef and cheddar sandwiches in town. A variety of sandwich options available to fit your desires; from beef to pork and chicken. Offering bottomless gourmet French fries and free refills on soda.

The Old 49’r Saloon

old-49r-saloon-1024x683Developed: September 2015

The Old 49'r Saloon will take guests back in time; to a era of gold-rush fever; a place were the lucky prospector can come and enjoy spending their pay dirt.

Grays Harbor Sign & Design

cls-1024x562Developed: September 2013


SGHTDeveloped: September 2012

Your home for information regarding our Grays Harbor Transit system; to openly discuss the issues on your mind wither negative or positive; and to offer any suggestions of improvement you may have.

WastePlasma Systems

wps-1024x548Developed: January 2010

WastePlasma Systems Limited was established to provide a leading edge, environmentally sound solution to the dual challenges of waste management and energy security; maximize and harness “green energy” from waste.

Satsop Vertical Farms

svf-1024x606Developed: March 2009 (2009-Present)

The Satsop Vertical Farm is about bringing to our community a source of affordable and healthy organic food; and at the same time, creating jobs and becoming stewards of our environment.

Timberland Business Development

TBDN-1024x613Developed: June 2008 (2008-Present)

Timberland Business Development is not like any other enterprise; our goals is not driven upon the acquisition of more and more wealth; we are a social enterprise; working together for the benefit of our small local businesses; our community.


comingsoon11Developed: February 2008 (2008-Present)

HarborDate.com; Grays Harbor, Washington's premier, all-inclusive, free, dating website. All the features of the big box dating sites; the features they want you to pay a small fortune for with absolutely no guarantees, are offered for free here.

FrontDesk Solutions

efd-1024x606Developed: June 2002 (2002-Present)

FrontDesk Solutions offers hoteliers and other hospitality companies access to the technologies their customers demand; as well as needed other services your hotel needs to strive in today's market.

DataLink Computer Services

dlcs-1024x606Originally Developed: June 1996 (1996-Present)

DLCS is the jack-of-all-trades when it comes to the IT industry; so, if you're looking for a professional with years of hands-on experience to fulfill your computer, networking admin or webdev needs; then look no further.

Colonial National Alliance

cna-1024x683Originally Developed: June 1996 (1996-Present)

A society based on the unwavering belief that all humans are free and sovereign onto themselves that at no time should that truth be denied without of due process. To excel in the pursuit of knowledge and the arts.

Other Website Contracts

  • SpokaneBands.com - 2002-2004
  • okCupid.com - 2001-2003
  • Northwest Point-of-Sale - 2000-2009
  • Secularity.com - 1999-2000
  • Grays Harbor PAWS - 1997
  • Visual Entry Systems - 1996-1998
  • IBG (Internet Breakfast Group) - 1996-1998