Customer Testimonials

The below testimonials have been compiled over the past twenty-eight years and spans the the entire region; from Aberdeen to Spokane, Washington and beyond.

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My wife was frantic when she dropped her laptop and destroyed the display – that computer had all her work and financial info on it. We thought we would need to buy a new laptop, but I took it in to data link and they were able to replace the display with a used one they had on hand – for a very good price. The work was done very quickly. We are very happy with the service we got, and that we got the computer back so soon and did not have to shell out the money for a replacement.


Dell telephone customer service diagnosed that our PC’s motherboard needed to be replaced. I took the PC to Brian and he indicated he would do a assessment and get back to me. The problem ended up being very unusual. Brian could not replicate the problem we were having at home. He determined the motherboard was not the problem, but were not sure what actually was causing the problem. Brian came to our house to see if he could diagnose the problem there (for no extra charge). Brian also backed up all our data to make sure we did not lose it, given the computer’s erratic behavior. In the end, a new mouse resolved the problem. Brian was patient with our frustration and committed to resolving the issue. During the process, they assured us that we would not be charged if they could not get the computer working for us. We appreciate Datalink’s commitment to resolving issues cost effectively and to building long term relationships with customers. We will continue to work with them to resolve our computer problems. Thanks again Brian!


I Must first say thank you for all the help and advice you have given me today, Because of your dedicated and professional service I have decided to move my hosting from GoDaddy to DataLink Web Hosting I felt as if you were very helpful and the product you company has would meet what I’m looking to do. Once again thanks for sending all the useful attachment I would need in getting my site setup.


Thank you so much datalink for ALL of the help with my computer.  I can’t begin to express how grateful I am for your diligence and expertise.  I will be sure to recommend you to anyone who needs computer help!


Never in my life have I written a review before, but just felt I had to for this company. I’ve had to take my Dell in to DataLink Computers 3 times since I’ve owned it. The first time, all I needed was a new power cord that my dog chewed through. The folks at the shop handed me one for free and said “don’t forget us if you have a bigger problem!” Of course, I didn’t forget and took it back for a screen repair. Most recently, I was having problems with my power to the computer. I mentioned in passing that this was my primary computer as I work for myself. I got a call from the owner that afternoon saying he remembered me and would turn it around in ONE DAY. Which they did. Always pleasant, always reasonable and great businesspeople.


Web developers who don’t talk down to you and stay within your budget? Yep, that’s these guys. My husband and I use them frequently for small and large jobs, and they’re terrific with both. I know they have lots of other clients, but when I call, I honestly feel like I’m their one and only. No telephone black holes or unresponded-to emails here!


Recently we used Datalink Computer Srv. for a computer problem we were experiencing.  We called another computer repair company only to find that the service was less than desirable and, in the fact, that the company did not completely fix the problem.  We then called and the technician came out to our office within thirty minutes.  He fixed the problem without hesitation, he was very courteous and friendly, and the cost was reasonable.  Each time I call for service, I have always received immediate attention.  Their technician is professional and courteous.  I am very pleased with Datalink Computer Srv. and will not go elsewhere for my computer needs.


On behalf of our IT staff and myself, thank you for recovering the critical data that was on our dead 2TB hard drive. We were blown away at the level of service, communication, and your technical abilities to complete the data recovery. I am grateful we chose DataLink Data Recovery over any other company. If we are ever in this predicament again, or know of others in a similar situation, we will definitely call on DataLink again.


Dear DataLink Data Recovery

I want to commend the services of this company to anyone!

I lost all my wife’s photos when a hard drive crashed and broke; the service I received was superb, I was fully informed at all times, and it was a difficult job for DataLink, but their tenacity and wish to deliver for their customer paid off, and we got back all our photos.

We are so delighted its hard to express it in words, but the least I can do is let others know about it.

Thank you Brian; thank you D.D.R.


Mark and Belle

Mark and Belle

I have never been in a more terrifying situation than gazing at the blue screen of death and realizing that I had lost everything on my laptop. After dropping my dying Dell off at Datalink I wasn’t expecting any miracles, but I was overwhelmingly surprised. Not only did the outstanding staff recover all of my photos, hardware and music, they did it for an incredible price! I was ecstatic and grateful for such spectacular service, and cannot thank Datalink enough!


We recently needed a new computer and had Brian set us up with a new laptop.  He came out to our farm and moved everything from the old tower to the new laptop.  Things went much slower than I think he planned, but not once did he indicate that we were taking more time than he planned!  Very much appreciated!  The laptop works like a charm with the way he set things up for us!  I will definitely recommend Datalink Computers to family and friends!!


Brian was very informative and did an absolutely wonderful job updating our PC and myself in regards to information that I should know having a home PC. I work in my home as a medical transcriptionist and he helped get me back online quickly so I could work again.


After dealing with DataLink Computer Services on a number of occasions, you guys have become my vendor of choice for user hard disk issues. I’ve dealt with a lot of data recovery companies over the course of my career, but I’ve never been so consistently surprised by service like I have with DLCS. Special thanks to Brian, who kept me completely in the loop on a recent RAID repair you performed.

C. Davis

When my screen went blue, I was concerned because my hard drive held hundreds of pictures of my son from birth to 6 months. Losing the pictures really wasn’t an option but it felt like almost a certainty! I was so happy when I found Brian at DataLink Computer Services. The turnaround was extremely fast and I am elated to say every bit of data was recovered. DataLink has my vote. Their customer service excellence, along with their first rate technical capabilities, can’t be beat.


Brian was great. He saw what we had and what we needed and quickly set us up using hardware we had and what he brought along. I appreciated that he explained what he was doing every step of the way and showed how to change the settings and keep the system running in good shape. In addition, he was pleasant and gracious.


Thank you so much for the great service! After dropping my iPhone in water I wasn’t sure it would work correctly again. DataLink fixed my iPhone the same day I took it in and its working like new again! I WILL defiantly recommend to anyone who needs service. Great prices and wonderful customer service.


We were referred to DataLink Computers from colleagues of ours. Not only have we been constantly amazed at the depth of understanding on many different business models, we found ourselves working with a true professional.


DataLink worked together to help design a beautiful site that met the needs of my business and met the aesthetic design requirements of four very different business owners—which is no small feat. They took the identity that our business has created and helped us to create a relevant, usable, and productive site. The level of communication and cooperation was above and beyond anything that we had experienced with their competitors.


Brian took a very challenging RFP with a ton of specifications and pulled it all together very effectively into a clean and elegant design.

Especially impressive was a well thought out and perfectly designed Administration section & photo-upload tool that allows me to upload photos, perfectly distribute them to extremely complicated cross-indexed galleries, and attach all the required information.

Brian anticipated and created several fabulous features for the website that were not even included in our RFP.

I would recommend Brian for any development project, no matter how complicated or demanding.


My experience with Brian was amazing. I had a fatal hard drive failure and a failed back-up solution. Your organization was able to recover every single file, all 18+GB. Thanks for saving the day!


Much thanks again for offering such a good deal on hosting services. I look forward to a continued long business relationship with your company.


You guys are wonderful! I brought in my Dell laptop thinking seriously that I may need to just let it go and buy a whole new computer, but I was amazed when after only a few hours my computer was running better than ever for about $300. I was treated in such a friendly, respectful manner and Brian even remembered my wife who had brought in an old computer that had crashed years ago for data recovery – of course Brian was able to recover all our sacred photos and we will never go anywhere else!


The data on this drive was worth over half a million dollars, and the first place we found said they couldn’t recover anything. Luckily we found DataLink Data Recovery before giving up.


The service we experienced with DLCS was excellent. We had an “emergency recovery” done on a hard drive and it was completed and delivered within 48 hours! Thank you for your excellent customer service!


It took me a while to find someone who could accomplish what I needed for my website. I have to say it was well worth the wait. Brian Knight was a total and utter pleasure to work with. His hard work, patience, and professionalism far exceeded my expectations. He never once made me feel like I was pestering him with questions, any ideas I had he would expand on them to make them better, and his attitude was always positive and upbeat. I always felt like my site was priority number one.

So, if you want a great professional website, with a pleasant professional experience, you’ve found your man. Brian Knight.

Thanks Brian, for breathing life into my website full of the walking dead!


Your service has put the zowzers back in my trousers.


I couldn’t be happier with the work I received from DataLink Computers. When I first met Brian I didn’t really have a clear vision of what I wanted in my logo and website, but I knew I wanted people to think “That’s the salon I want to visit.” After going through some websites and logos to get an idea of what I liked and didn’t like, I decided to let them be creative and just see what they came up with. The results were perfect; their designs reflected my business and my personality. My site is simple and easy to use, yet fun and innovative. These days, I feel that people get to know your business through your website before they even walk through your door so it better be a good first impression, our site brings in new clients every single week. The best part is that my website is it’s so easy to use, I am able to upload our weekly blog posts on my own and edit content and team members whenever I need to. It’s become such a great tool for my business. I am so in love with my branding, I receive compliments everyday. Brian is amazing. He is creative, quick and so much fun to work with, I highly recommend him for any business.


Brian was EXCELLENT when i took my laptop in. i had a slew of viruses and my computer was returned in a reasonable amount of time, and i couldn’t be happier with the work they did. if i ever have another problem with my laptop, i will take it to DLCS. i highly recommend this business to others.


The service I was given was superb, but that was not all. The attention Brian gave me after the work was done was outstanding. You cared about me and my lack of computer skills and were so patient with me. You invited me back to continue teaching me what I need to know for the future. You are the kind of people I am happy doing business with.


What a treasure these guys are! My nephew, the computer guy in the family, recommended Datalink. What wonderful service at a great price! No wonder the computer people in the know go there.


I’ve been to Brian 3-4 times with problems on a very old computer of mine, and another that belongs to my son. I had great experiences every time. Brian is VERY fair with his pricing and goes the extra mile to make sure I know the status and the cost. I used a couple of other service companies before I started going to Datalink, and I’ll never go anywhere else. I’ve sent a number of friends there, and feel great about recommending them.


Ahhhh, I love my phone so much! Brian was super nice and gave me a great price to replace my front and back glass-with a different color-and my home button! I would recommend this place to anyone having problems with their phone. So very very happy!!


Brian worked with us to tailor a WordPress website template that fit our needs nearly perfectly. What what wasn’t perfect in the pre-assembled WordPress template was custom re-tooled by DataLink Computer Services for us.

Our modified WordPress site is elegant and professional, and the site is extremely easy to work with, allowing me to easily add our new projects on a regular basis. I am no computer genius but now I am frequently upgrading our website and really enjoy doing so.


Datalink Computers, it was such a pleasure working with you. Your tech Brian was very professional and fixed our problem that day, right away! We have never had a better response time! Such a great company I will use Datalink Computer Service again if I ever have computer problems! Thanks again!


Alright, don’t get me wrong, BestBuy is a great store, it has fancy displays and lots of products to look at… Expect that all those products are ridiculously overpriced and all the customer service people seem to think the solution to anything is turning it off then back on again. I am an experienced laptop user, I’ve taken my laptop apart at least a dozen times and modded many of my own upgrades into it myself. When my laptop crashed and I couldn’t find out why, I took it to DataLink. Brian was fast, friendly and legit. Since I’m addicted to the laptop, I would call nearly every day and talk to Brian about how it was going. Brian would tell me EXACTLY what they were doing, and EXACTLY what they were testing… BEFORE he did anything he gave me a call to check if it’s alright… If you can ever get that service at Bestbuy, the moons must be in planetary alignment. I’m sticking wth DataLink Computer Services. It’s affordable, PERSONAL, and quality. Values you simply can’t match at a junk store like BestBuy… Don’t you think it’s ironic best buy always asks you just to buy a new laptop?


My computer broke down after spending 11 hours finishing a lab report for school that was due at 8:30 the next morning. Although I thought it unlikely, I stopped in to DLCS and asked if there was anything they could do to retrieve the file. Even though they were closing in an hour, Brian took my PC home and spent hours repairing it so that I would have the file ready to turn in. Knowing that I was a student, he gave me an unbelievable deal that I could not have found anywhere else. Really… nowhere else would have taken my laptop home to work after to recover files from a damaged hard drive, especially at the price he gave me. I would sincerely recommend anyone to go to Datalink Computers with their pc troubles. They have friendly, reliable service at really great prices.


I would like to give a testimonial to Datalink: I just priced out a computer with them where I needed multiple screens (4), the fastest components possible and the retail price was $8,500+. Since they’re Lenovo partners, that computer priced out at $4,800 + tax. If you’re looking for the right computer for the best price, you need to speak to them – I can’t say how impressed I am. Thanks again!


We had a catastrophic failure of a motherboard on our RAID configured file server. This caused some issues with our disks and left us without a number of business critical files. Due to the failure, the backup had not completed correctly for nearly a week so we were unable to restore the data.

DataLink helped by providing calm, sound advice and restoring the data incredibly promptly. They made a stressful situation much less so and I cannot recommend them enough.


We’re pretty low-tech, so it was a relief when they shielded us from all the technical details and just made sure we were designing a site that looks and works amazing. Super hands on throughout the entire process, they never once made us feel like we were competing for their attention. All this and they still found the time to serve us a piping hot perfectly brewed coffee at almost every meeting. Just when we thought they had outdone themselves, they took the courtesy of using different shots of Tom Selleck as placeholders for our staff photos in the mock ups, and mine had a nice patch of chest hair peaking out. Yep, they’re the best!


My computer is about 90 days old and my dvd+/-r/w went out. Datalink fixed it and also gave it a Tune-Up. Now my computer is faster and better. I am real pleased and from now on, Brian will be my computer person. Thank you so much Datalink.


I wanted to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for your successful efforts in recovering the files from our hard drive that “crashed” recently. As I think you know, when you called to relay the good news, a big cheer went up here in our office. Since all efforts to restore the files had failed locally, your news was a terrific relief to all of us.

J. Michael

I’ve worked with DataLink Computers for years. I truly trust them with my site, and to keep up on technology.


I took my computer in because the hard drive was failing. I have years of data on the computer and they managed to glean almost all of it, at a fraction of the cost of everyone else’s data mining. They installed a new hard drive, reloaded windows, MS office, and a host of other userful programs and did it for an extremely cheap price! When I got the computer back, I noticed there was a dent in the keyboard. I took it back thinking something had happened during the repairs. Brian was incredibly patient, took responsibility without knowing what had happened, and was prepared to install a new keyboard. My roommate then owned up to having dented the keyboard before I took it into them (it was hard to notice prior). Brian once again was incredibly patient and generous and sold me a used keyboard at a fraction of the priced of a new one, and did the installation for free. It’s absolutely clear these guys want repeat customers and do not take advantage of you to make a quick buck. I will be using them for all of my computer repairs from here on out. Thanks again Brian!


Thank you very much for the data recovery service you did for my damaged external hard drive. I was afraid all of the files were lost, but you were able recover many of them and were very upfront and honest in your diagnosis. I know from personal research that data recovery was going to be a very expensive process, but you were very reasonable in your price quote to me. Also, you went way above and beyond what I expected from you to try to recover my data. Again, thank you so much for your help. I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who is in need of hardware repair or configuration.


DataLink Computers totally re-did my website, which was prehistoric and very limited. Working together, we made it more modern and added so many functions and uses it’s a whole new thing.

I love the way it worked out…aesthetically and functionally it’s just what I imagined it could be. As they worked on it I kept getting new ideas and changing my mind and they never balked at anything, they were right there with me, making it happen.



I have used your firm through the course of 15 yrs. I have always been delighted on how quick and how efficient your company has been. Keep up the good work.


What stands out most to me about my experience with datalink was the speed at which my laptop repair was accomplished. I gave it to Brian on a Thursday, and despite having to order a new screen, it was repaired by the next Wednesday. He also went the extra mile and found a screen that cost more than half off what a new screen from IBM would have cost and was wonderfully pleasant to do business with. I will definitely return for all my laptop service needs.


I would like to personally thank your team for the excellent job with our data recovery.


I have been an DataLink Computers Web Hosting customer, under various accounts, for about 12 years now, and couldn’t be more satisfied. Over the years I have needed assistance with my domains and accounts on many occasions (due to my own ignorance about how some things work), and I very quickly discovered that DataLink goes FAR above and beyond anything I would expect when it comes to customer service.


We recently had our desktop repaired and was so impressed with the results we immediately had our laptop serviced as well. It’s not often that you get the type of service that datalink provides. Not only did they repair our computers but they kept us informed each step of the way. I am very happy we found them and will go to them for all our computer repairs in the future.


We couldn’t be more pleased with the website created for us by DataLink Computer Services. It is current, attractive, and super easy to navigate. Since we maintain and edit our own website, ease of use on the administrative end was important as well. With the training provided and the responsiveness of the staff at DataLink Computers, it is all good!


Brian came to my location and installed my new computer and printer. I felt he understood the importance of my needs. My emergency became his emergency!!


My computer skills are limited, and several times we had either viruses or some computer glitch that left our business computer paralyzed. In all cases, DLCS came to the rescue to bail us out. Quick turn-around time, economical repairs, and personalized service keep us loyal to their business. Thanks!!!


My company just launched our completely revamped website and couldn’t be any happier with the way the site turned out, and our experience with DataLink Computers. They took our old website with outdated graphics, fonts, etc., and transformed it into a modern and incredibly attractive site. Their team is a perfect mix of left and right brains. When we met with them to discuss the project, we were immediately impressed with how easy they are to communicate with—just real, down to earth, believable people that don’t talk over your head with tech jargon. They listened and spent ample time understanding our products and message to make sure the site layout was appropriate. They pulled off some very tricky programming feats to get the site to do what we wanted, while not losing sight of the need for superb, modern aesthetics.


On behalf of our IT staff and myself, thank you for recovering the critical data that was on our dead 2TB hard drive. We were blown away at the level of service, communication, and your technical abilities to complete the data recovery. I am grateful we chose Datalink Computer over any other company. If we are ever in this predicament again, or know of others in a similar situation, we will definitely call on Datalink Computer Services again.


I am a computer nitwit. The machine I was using was so slow and I knew the security on it was a mess. I saw the movie “Untraceable”, about home computers and lack of security. It scared me to death. I knew I had to get a new computer but was clueless. Brian at DataLink Computers was wonderful. He asked me a lot of questions regarding how I use my home computer and what I needed it to do. Then Brian actually helped me order it from Dell. Once again, I would have had no idea what to get! Once it came he then came over to my house and set it all up. It was a terrific experience.

They do website design, PC repair, data backup, hardware, software, networking, tech support, training and consulting. Brian has over 20 years of experience. It is technology you can trust and support you can afford.


Hands down the best laptop repair service in Aberdeen. They were fast, they were HONEST, they were knowledgable. There was no techno-speak bullcrap, just honest, straightforward explanations. I can recommend DLCS highly to anyone who has a problem with their laptop.


Smart, friendly, knowledgeable people and fast, well-priced service. What more could one ask for? My laptop was on the fritz and needed some upgrades so I decided to take it to Datalink for repair. Brian checked everything out for me and called to give me an honest rundown on the problems. I loved that they called with costs and to get my permission before making any repairs. Brian suggested fixes, and some that would save me money and probably not make much money for them. He also offered me the use of a laptop while it was being repaired. When I got the laptop back after the repairs were made, we had one minor snag. One of the techs came to my place of employment to pick up my laptop and they delivered it to me as soon as they were done with the repair. Now that’s service, people!!! And service with a smile, to boot! I’d use DataLink again, in a second, and I’d highly recommend them to anyone and everyone.


If I could give them a 10 I would. They have recovered vital data I thought was lost and they recovered it COMPLETELY!! I am beyond grateful for their work, and for their customer service – they are a GO-TO recovery service for me – and with 25 external hard drives, I need all the help I can get!


Finally a computer store that knows what they are doing! Brian was fast, friendly, and best of all, fair in his pricing. I’m a student at GHC without much money so its nice to have a store nearby that you can trust.


I searched the web for about 15 minutes to find a place to fix my iPad. I cracked the screen and first called Apple, who said I could pay them $300 to “fix” it, which meant getting it replaced with a refurbished unit. Umm, no thank you. Every other repair center wanted about $200, and this place quoted me $130!! Sold! Got it repaired in less then two hours, and the atmosphere was very clean and pleasant. I dealt with Brian, who was the owner of the business. Superb customer service. Awesome experience, highly recommended!


Great service Brian. I was worried I was going to have to drop several grand on a brand new IBM laptop, but your awesome tech crew got my laptop back in running condition for a price I can afford on a VERY tight college budget. I mean, I eat Top Ramen most nights of the week and I could afford this repair! No more student loans!


The custom CMS they built makes it easy for us to keep our content up-to-date—it’s simple, intuitive, and painless. Brian is professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. If an issue arises, he is responsive and comes up with a solution quickly. We highly recommend the folks at DataLink…Did I mention their office makes a great cup of coffee?


Had a cracked screen , brought it in and  about 40 mins later my screen was replaced and looked amazing . Brian is really good at what he does, and very knowledgeable . Safe to say that all my phone services for me and my family will be done here.


I have known Brian coming on 8 months now and already he has demonstrated the passion he has for his business and his clients. His love for the IT industry is very apparent, with the desire for knowledge to increase client loyalty. Brian truly believes in all products he offers to his clients and would not offer them unless he knows in his heart they are the right solution. I would have no issues at all recommending my friends, business partners and even my family to have Brian handle any IT needs.


When I first made contact with Brian, I was taken with the ‘can-do’ attitude towards our entire project (it was a big one), and his willingness to meet our needs – both creative and budgetary! We had a fairly intense approval process on our end, but DataLink always made working together easy; from new needs popping up, to last minute changes, the overall approach was hard-working but always positive. Even post-launch, Brian has continued to be helpful and interactive, making it easy to solve any issues quickly and resolutely. Thank you, DataLink!


I dropped in here to get some memory added to my laptop. Work was completed by Brian who was very friendly and professional and completed the job quickly. He also answered all my questions and explained the “techy” things in a way I could understand. Good service.


After having my brand new MacBook destroyed by a leaky roof, I took it to DataLink. I noticed they had high ratings and they did so for good reason! Yeah my computer was beyond repair, but they were able to salvage my data! They even offered a loner computer while the repair was being done in case I needed something. They were able to find my data and totally save the day. Definitely will be back if I need any further help.


They are terrific at solving my computer problems and fixing them the first time.  I love their housecall services and their business model — they do a lot to make their customers happy — and they go the extra mile to make sure I am satisfied with the service and products.  They are incredibly friendly and the best part is that they don’t talk down to those of us who don’t know as much tech-talk.  Glad to pass on a great place to others.


I’m extremely happy with the service and support from DataLink Computers. You folks answer questions promptly (billing, sales or support) and the tech support is far better than what I see from other hosts. The fact that I’ve had my site for almost a year without any crashes or down time is very impressive.


They were willing to help in every way, developing a professional and beautiful website which showcases our company very well. Their ability to develop creative solutions to the functionality and user experience of our site made for a fantastic end result. I was impressed all around with their skills, customer service and attention to detail every step of the way.


Super place for the small business to get websites going and supported. Why? First, they turn out great product. Second, they teach you to update themselves. Third, if you need them to do something, they are super fast and cheerful.  Oh and they charge reasonable fees!


My computer froze and the screen went blank a few weeks ago. A scarry situation, when you know nothing about computers but rely on them on a daily basis. I found Datalink Computer Services, and I was impressed with their knowledge and commitment to customer service. The initial diagnostics they ran on my computer said I needed a new graphics card and hard drive. They quickly replaced both, and returned the computer to me. I started having wierd problems. After several phone calls to Brian, with no change, they suggested bringing the computer back to them- they even provided a loaner computer. They had my computer an additional week, and found two more problems. They made the additional repairs, including installing some new hardware, and returned the computer to me- without any additional charges. I was very impressed with their service, knowledge, and commitment to the customer, and I will never go anywhere else for my computer needs.


We use software that’s frequently updated by the manufacturer, and these updates often require hardware changes. In the past we’ve had to contract several vendors to handle these various tasks. Now that we’ve found DLCS, not only do we purchase our hardware and software through them at a discounted rate, but they’re always able to keep our hardware current and our network running smoothly throughout the update process.

Instead of making several phone calls every few months, I’m able to focus on my business and leave my hardware and software concerns to DLCS. It’s truly a pleasure to be working with them.


I could not be happier with my website! Thank you so much for taking my vision and making it happen! Everyone who visits the site gives me nothing but compliments, and it matches the rest of my business materials perfectly! Not only that, but I also love that after just a few weeks in business, I already show up on the first page of a Google search!

Thanks so much for offering advice while still making sure the final product is “mine”, I will be sure to recommend you to anyone who asks!

Thank you.


I want to thank DATALINK for rescuing my 12 year old daughter’s iPhone 5. It was 3 full days since the ‘toilet incident’ and Holly’s options didn’t look good. She bought the phone with her own money and saved for a year to get it. She was distraught. Even with insurance the out of pocket cost would have been $199 to replace. Thanks to DATALINK for a fraction of that cost she is back in business and texting her girlfriends again!

John (and Holly)

They are a first-rate and high level web designers that we will be working with closely in the years to come. We worked with Brian on re-organizing our hotel. Working remotely was smooth and reliable.


I recently worked with Brian to recover pictures on a computer that crashed. I thought the pictures were lost forever, very devastating as you can imagine. Your company recovered over 2000 pictures. Everyone I worked with was extremely professional and very patient with me. I’m not good with computers and they walked me through how to locate my pictures. I wanted to thank you and your company for all the hard work you do. You restored years of memories through the pictures recovered.


I have been taking my computer to DataLink for over three years and I am always extremely satisfied. The service on my computer is always top notch, as well as affordable, and the helpfulness and friendliness of the owner, Brian is out of this world. I bought a laptop from Brian and it has been a good computer. Every time I take it in for repair work or services, I always walk out with a smile and my computer fixed. I would recommend DLCS to anyone!


Setting up the site was painless and Brian always responded in a timely manner to any questions we had. He was thorough and very helpful in training our team to update and maintain the site. We see a clear correlation between our site traffic and an increase in customer visits. We are very pleased with our customer reach. We loved working with DataLink Computers so much we tapped them to create business cards and stickers as well!


I called DataLink this week and Brian rushed right out to collect my laptop. I was not an easy customer, but thankfully they were much more easygoing than I am. My laptop’s issues are all fixed, and Brian was incredibly helpful, polite, and accommodating. I strongly recommend DataLink Computer Services, and I would definitely bring another computer there. Thank you!


I so appreciate the service you provide. On Saturday Brian called me within minutes of my call to DataLink and helped me through the issue. If you didn’t have that “after hours” emergency service I would have had to go into the office to work on Sat. and Sun. Then he followed up today with setting up AVG CloudCare to hopefully avoid a recurrence of Saturday’s “infection.” Thanks for the great service!

Keri Lee

Classic move: Saturday night, cell phone in my back pocket, go to use bathroom, get halfway over toilet and you can guess where my new brand new phone ended up! Brian rescued my cell phone in less than 30 minutes! Completely restored.


Bryan provided me excellent service at a very reasonable price. What I really appreciated were his succinct explanations of what he was doing, why it was necessary, and how it was a better deal than the competition. Even for a less-than-tech saavy individual like myself, I knew that I was being charged a fair price for relevant services. Genuinely concerned about building a relationship with his customers. Excellent choice for computer repair.


You guys do great work. I would recommend your services any day of the week.


Brian and Datalink Computer Repair, your service is absolutely extraordinary in every way, AND YOU DO NOT GIVE UP even when a problem is a REALLY REALLY TOUGH ONE!!! I cannot thank you enough!!! Thank you so very much…!!!!!!!!!


Your company was able to retrieve the data for us at a fraction of the cost to recreate it. The professionalism, courtesy and “the customer is my reason for being” attitude displayed by DataLink is almost unknown these days. You have a customer for life.

Rojelio (Roy)

Well my story may not be the most “exciting” story, but from what I’m told it happens the most. A few months ago, I was doing what most moms have learned to do as a method of survival: multitasking. I have learned to juggle opening juice boxes, brushing my teeth, wiping noses and kissing skinned knees all at once, but one day I tried texting as well and it all went down the toilet, literally.

I dropped my iPhone 5 right into the toilet. I scooped it up quickly, but the damage was already done. There were red lines across my screen and it quickly shut itself off. Thankfully, I knew where to go. My husband had recently worked with someone who knew and had told him about Datalink. I rushed over and told them my story.

In about 40 minutes my phone was back in working order and I hadn’t lost a single photo! As a mother of six, those photos were precious memories that I couldn’t imagine losing. I’m so grateful that Brian was able to restore my phone as well as my memories.


I can’t begin to express my gratitude for the amazing recovery work you and your team did on my physically failed drive. In a worst case scenario, you prevailed.


I have had a couple of laptop melt-downs over the years, but the folks at datalink have always pulled through for me. The last time I took my Dell in, the power was starting to go. I was told my mother board needing fixing. Not only did I get a call from the owner explaining the problem and telling me what the fee was, but he knew this was my primary work computer and followed through on fixing my laptop within 24 hours without charging me extra. These guys are truly professional, courteous and care about their customers. They don’t seem to be in business to rip people off like some other shops out there, but really work for their customers.


DLCS is very different from the run of the mill organizations that seem to be popping up everywhere. With something as important as your computers or computer networks you definitely want a pro dealing with any issue and DLCS fills the bill. They will get the job done and done correctly and in a timely manner. You can count on it.


I have no idea how anyone takes a restaurant owner as a customer especially for a new restaurant. We never answer emails or phone calls. We have larger than life ideas. We have no time and everything needs to be done yesterday. Oh, and then you get a new chef and he wants to redesign everything. DataLink Computers held my hand from beginning to end, from the initial logo concept to menu design, collateral and launching a website that is not only beautiful and functional, but simple for me to administer. Their design boards make the creative process enjoyable and streamlined. DataLink and especially Brian spent great time and consideration on our aesthetic, budget, and time constraints. I recommend them to everyone and will use them on future projects.


Never in my history of business has there been a time that was as distressing as losing what turned out to be my most valuable asset – my accounts receivable. To be quite honest I was very skeptical of your success but you proved me wrong. Thank you so much for your work in recovering my data.


I have used a variety of servers from justhost, godaddy, wiredtree, blacklotus, to internap then here. The support that brian offered has been the best that i have experienced so far. Every question i asked was answered in a timely fashion and the conversation was overall enjoyable and very helpful. 🙂


Dropped my one year old IPhone 5 and shattered the screen. Called Verizon to use the insurance I have been paying $8 month forever for. They informed me that I had a $190 deductible. Really? So I googled and found this place. The service is outstanding and for $150 I have a new phone screen. They even managed to find some of the microscopic parts that had fallen out of the phone when the glass shattered. Needless to say I have cancelled my $8 month insurance with the $190 deductible. Should I ever have an issue with any of our four family iphones I will go back here and skip the runaround at Verizon! Great service!


All my data was lost. After an unsuccessful recovery attempt by our IT people we decided to give Datalink a shot. To my delight, they recovered most of my 6 years of data. Great job.


I could not have asked for a more perfect outcome to my problem. Not only did they exactly what I was looking for and what I needed, but the cost of the service was outstanding. For all of the hours they put into recovering my files, I was astonished at how little they charged me. I could have easily spent up to $5,000 to have this done elsewhere, but Brian only charged my a fraction of the price. Thank you again for recovering my music composition files.


My computer had picked up several viruses and was a mess. I contacted Norton for help….it took several hours on the phone with them ..only to say they couldn’t fix it and advised me to contact H.P. tech support. I went through the same with them with no results. After a few more hours on the phone they advised me to contact H.P. Parts Co. to purchase the rite disc to fix the problem. This had taken almost a week….Instead I called Datalink Computers..dropped my computer off to them at lunch…picked it up the following day after work..and once again I am on-line! My dealings with Datalink were polite, informative and I am very happy to have called them. If I have any other problems with my P.C. I know who to call… Thank-you guys.


After cracking my phone screen I thought I’d need a new phone, but the guys at DLCS were able to quickly fix it!


My laptop had been working fine, but had suddenly started giving me the “blue screen of death” meaning my hard drive was almost fried. I thought that nothing would save my data, and that all was lost forever. I had hundreds of pictures and thousands of dollars worth of music on my computer, which I thought were unsalvageable. I am a student and I didn’t have a lot of money to fix my situation, but I needed a working computer, so I brought it to DLCS. Brian not only were able to save my computer from utter doom, they saved all of the data on my hard drive. They did all of this at an unbelievably low price, because they were so dedicated to customer service. I am eternally grateful to them, and from now on I am using an external hard drive. Thanks Brian! I’ll be a customer forever, but hopefully won’t have any problems to bring me back in.


After a server and drive failure we were without important data. We were told that we couldn’t get this back but decided to get another opinion. The service we received from Brian was excellent, we were kept up-to-date through the entire process and now recommend DataLink Computer Services to everyone who may need data recovery.


It used to be that every household needed a good doctor, lawyer and auto repairman in their contacts. The older I get the more important it has been to add a computer technician to that list.


To anyone interested in configuring their own computer I can thoroughly recommend DLCS for the build. From the first call through to delivery and install I had absolutely no issues whatsoever. Whole process from order to delivery was around two weeks, par for the course for a custom build I would say, I was in no hurry and never pushed the order at all. Over the years this is my third custom build from them.


I got my computer back quickly and at a really reasonable price. Datalink was helpful and prompt and I would definitely go to them again with any computer problem.


Mr. Knight is not only extremely knowledgeable about systems; he is one of the best examples of excellent client service we have ever experienced. He spent the time to correctly analyze the problems and worked hard at resolving them. We felt confident that he would not only fix the mess on the hard drive, but also that he would not rush just to get the job done.


What professional service. Really helpful, good communication and delivered on time. No panic, no fuss, no tooth sucking and sighs…just my data back. I would happily recommend DataLink Data Recovery.


I am grateful that I am able to have my home office function properly, thanks to Brian’s efforts. If provided with the opportunity, I will recommend friends and family to consult DataLink Computers with their technical difficulties.


My husband and I are very satisfied with the work that Brian completed on our computers. Our son is in Afghanistan and we use Skype to see and talk to him, but I was having trouble with it. It was important for us to get it corrected, so when your tech came out and solved the problem we were grateful.


I’ve been taking my Dell M60 Laptop to Datalink for over three years. I moved to Aberdeen from the Midwest to be closer to my husbands ailing mother and being so far away from home, it is natural to be cautious of computer repair and service centers. When I had to take my computer in to de-bug the hardware I was happy to find such a genuine and friendly business owner in Brian. He and his team is reliable and make sure the customer is satisfied. Now, three years later, I’ve only had to use Datalink a couple of times, but Brian remembers me and my husband from years past. I am pleased from all my transactions with Datalink and appreciate the little perks. For instance, Brian made the point to fix my backspace key that had fallen off, for no additional charge. Now my computer operates and looks like new! Thanks Datalink!!


This was my first experience using Datalink, and I must say that I was very impressed. Almost immediately after saving a configuration, I was contacted by a customer service rep offering to help. Throughout the process, every question or concern I had was promptly answered.

I’ve been using my new Datalink system for about a week now and it’s fantastic. My PC came with the standard spare parts and also came with a binder with my system configuration documented and helpful guides to get my PC up and running as quickly as possible.

All in all I was extremely impressed with Datalink Computers. I will definitely use them again.


I’m speechless. I want to thank you for your well wishes and your kind words. Its so hard to find good service these days but you guys at DataLink Computers are in a class by yourself.

From the bottom of my heart, my family and I would like to thank you for your kindness. This is a very exciting time for my family and I’m glad you guys are a part of it.


Due to the interactive nature of my relationship with DataLink Computer Services, I now have a website that accurately reflects both the culture and nature of my business. I look forward to a continued relationship with DataLink Computers to meet the changing needs of my company and to maintain technologically current website.


I am a REALTOR who relies totally on my laptop for my living. A few weeks ago, after the hard drive totally crashed, there seemed to be no hope to retrieve my files until I came to DataLink Computer Services. My office manager told me that DataLink had “saved” another agent’s data in my office who had a similar situation. so I decided to give them a try. Brian was knowledgeable, helpful and best of all, was able to retrieve my information! He took time to explain how to use the backup hard drive I purchased as well in a way that I, not being a “techie”, could understand. I would not hesitate to recommend him and DataLink to anyone and in fact will take the initiative to tell people how he “saved” my business any chance I get.


Proud owner of my fourth DataLink computer. Recently needed a new hard drive as the other had become corrupted. 24 hour delivery! However was not quite as simple as out with old in with new and off you go. Chap in Tech Support was mega. Over 2 hours spent analysing problems and getting all working well. Professional, clearly knew his stuff, just the right amount of reassuring humour. Just what was needed!


I recently had an unexplainable problem with my LCD on my almost brand new laptop from Dell. I did some googling and decided to try Datalink. These guys blew me away. There service was incredibly fast and quickly communicated. They went out on a limb and negotiated with Dell to help me reduce the price (at no gain for themselves) and had the laptop perfectly repaired in a matter of days. I was so impressed I’ve told at least 20 friends about them and HIGHLY RECOMMEND them to anyone in the Grays Harbor area and farther.


Brian & DataLink rock! These guys saved my business during a crucial hard-drive crash. My back-up failed and they were able to retrieve my data with SPEED as my wife was having a baby at essentially the same time. They understood how frantic my situation was and made things magically come back together. Brilliant. They were honest, friendly, and charged an extremely reasonable rate for their time. Brian is like a doctor in an emergency room… keeping businesses alive. Don’t hesitate to go to him when in need!


Our in-house IT dept. could not get the crashed drive to read and had no other recourse but to send it in to the professionals. Great job Datalink, and we love the customer service!


Working with DataLink has been one of the most positive professional experiences I’ve had in my 17 years as an art director. He made me feel like my project was his most important. Not only is he extremely talented and knowledgeable about every aspect of website development and marketing, but his level of professionalism is rare in any field. Brian returned every call and email promptly, completed my project more quickly than we had discussed and with perfect precision. He went above and beyond our original agreement to make sure I was happy with every minute detail of my site.

I honestly hope DataLink Computer Services is the only developer I work with from now on. I can’t begin to recommend them highly enough. They really are the best!


The BEST computer Repair Shop in Grays Harbor! i had Bad experience with other repair shops in the area. People @ DLCS were not just able to fix my laptop mainboard, PLUS it was wayyyyy cheaper than even sending my laptop back to the manufacture, and Fast Turn Around. Thank you DataLink.


They were incredibly fast, inexpensive and professional. My laptop was destroyed and they fixed it in 48 hours for less money than it would have cost me to buy the parts directly from HP. This is a great shop.


I am blessed with having found the best Web Hosting company ever. Great service, great hosting, and the staff are amazing. Everyone I refer to them loves them as much as I do.


Thanks for the fantastic service and your sensitivity to my need for a quick turnaround. I’ll be back next time i have a repair issue.


I’d like to thank your staff in particular Brian, who was instrumental to fixing my aging pc. Many many thanks from a loyal customer, brilliant service.


Thank you so much for fixing my laptop, quickly and professionally. I cannot live without this, as it has all my work and personal information. The service was really excellent in all aspects. I am recommending this to my friends.


I just want to compliment you on the outstanding service that I received recently. I have never experienced such a level of customer communication that I have with you guys. Losing data can be disheartening and it is good to get continuous feedback as I was provided. There were up to date e-mails sent to me letting me know exactly the status of my project as well as personal follow-up calls that reassured me that progress was being made. I greatly appreciate the efforts and commented to your staff that it was the best customer service I have ever experienced!


When my daughter went off to college, she of course needed a new laptop, so I inherited the Dell she used through High School. Needless to say, it was in dire need of a complete overhaul. I checked it into DLCS and they had it back up and running better than ever for under $300. My daughter just completed her sophomore year and my old Dell is still working great with no additional servicing or repairs. I couldn’t be more pleased with the whole experience.


Was very impressed with the data recovery service price. Work was complete in a timely manner. Would recommend and definitely use again.


I was having trouble with my PC loading very slow and would often lock up when trying to access web sites and links. DataLink was able to quickly remove multiple security programs and reinstall effective, FREE software. My computer is now running smoothly! I especially like the fact that DataLink tech support is available for quick email questions and remote support if I need it. Great customer service, professional knowledge AND very reasonable rates!


After my hard drive experienced physical damage, I contacted Datalink Computers to recover my data. The level of customer service that I received was outstanding. I was constantly kept up to date on the status of my data recovery, and the entire process was quick and hassle-free.


I emailed Brian with hopes to work with him on my new racing website to help keep fans and sponsors up to date. I viewed his portfolio, and really liked what I saw. This gave me all the more confidence that DataLink Computers was right for the job, but what really made DataLink perfect for the job was his kind attitude. He was really open to allowing me to see different ideas, and was really open to suggestions.

I have worked with several different people and it just seemed like having anyone else do my website would be a pain—luckily I found Brian Knight. Thank you Brian!


I consider these guys the best find I’ve had in years! It’s a wonderful feeling to know you’re going to be treated fairly. My bill for repairs came to about $300 and I know other shops would have charged at least $500. AND, they make house calls! You can feel confident when visiting them… they’re as honest as the day is long!


It is very easy to endorse a person who embodies the very idea of an honest business man. I would have to say that Brian is very dedicated to his company and to his customers. He has made it very clear that customer service and customer appreciation are his number one priority at DataLink Computer Services.


Brian is a true professional and most definitely cares about his customers’ needs. Knowing that not everyone is skilled on the web, Brian has designed an easy-to-use and still contemporary-looking website that allows me to update and keep my website maintained.

I am so pleased that I chose DataLink Computers to build my website, and recommend their services to anyone who is interested in getting their name out on the web.


I would, and have already, recommended DLCS to other businesses. They went above and beyond in helping me create our site and truly trying to understand our needs. They were always patient with changes that needed to be made along the way and with my learning process of building a functional site. Any changes we did make were always done quickly.

I will always appreciate them for going out of their way spending long nights to meet my time crunch for our company launch. When I had certain ideas but was unsure how to create what was in my head Brian helped make them concrete and functional.

I didn’t know if anyone would be able to take the multi-factorial and complex processes I use with my clients and make them into a simple to use website. I doubt few others could do it as well as Brian did!


DataLink Computer Services: A+++

After years of buying disposable HP junk five years or so, I wanted a custom built computer that I could upgrade with time. Making due with slow and plodding web browsing while knowing if I opened too many tabs, my media player would start skipping and repeat the last two seconds over and over. It made me feel one skip away from my head exploding Scanners-style.

Finally, I’d had enough and began saving money over the last year. Once I hit my goal, I began shopping around. I was hesitant to trust any one custom PC site or another because they all had some sort of mixed reviews. I even considered spending $4k on a Dell or a Mac Retina desktop.

Brian at DataLink Computers guided me through the fine tuning of my custom order and found exactly what I wanted. Placing the order was a little nerve-wracking but it went off without a hitch. Being able to watch and follow the steps of the building process was great fun and more exciting than I thought possible. Delivery was prompt (even if the delivery guy dropped the box but it was from a very low height and your packaging was well prepared) and my PC arrived the same day as the monitor I ordered separately week earlier. Unboxing to find such a personalized delivery manual, extra spare parts, and everything just as I’d asked was top notch.

It’s working great. Thanks again!


In our case, there was no business without the site! DataLink Computer Services was the only company that within the first meeting made me feel very confident and comfortable that they understood and could produce what we envisioned. It’s been a terrific experience working with them. I have never had to ask twice for answers and when delivered, they always made sense! The finished product is far superior than I imagined!


I recently was in need of a new computer. My old one was getting old and just could not handle the newer games. So, I started doing some research and comparisons of different manufacturers of computers. The best I found by far was a custom built system from DataLink. I ultimately chose the DataLink desktop system. DataLink systems are amazing and do everything I require in a computer… and then some. If you are in need of a new or better computer system for games, school work or personal use, there is no better systems than the systems that DataLink Computer Services can do build for you!


I can’t even begin to tell you how great these guys were to me today! In and out in about 90 minutes. Goods and services delivered as promised. Great value! If you need your iPad serviced go see these guys!


I just wanted to thank you for repairing the computer so quickly. I am aware it was out of warranty so to have this completed free of charge is a massive bonus to a small children’s charity.

I will be recommending Datalink to anyone looking for a new computer!


A few weeks ago, my family took a long anticipated vacation. My kids enjoyed surfing lessons and the gorgeous California weather, but their favorite activity was visiting Legoland – where everything is awesome – a memorable day that was almost ruined by a single can of soda.

Without my knowledge, one of my children placed a large cup of Coke inside my backpack – subsequently leaking throughout the entire bag and soaking my phone in a liquid mess for over 45 minutes until I realized what had happened.

When I took my iPhone 5s out it was wet and already getting sticky. To my surprise, it still worked — but barely. I kept turning it on and off to try and revive it, unaware of the potential damage I was doing. Once we returned to the car at the end of the day I even plugged it in. It refused to turn on and I thought all hope was lost. Everything was not awesome in LegoLand.

I tried turning it on and charging it. I put it in rice for two days. There was no change. My phone wouldn’t turn on. I have become so reliant on my smartphone that I didn’t even bring my laptop on the trip with me. As the owner of my own business, I can’t afford to lose contact while I’m away. Desperate for a solution, I purchased a new phone.

I returned home a week after my phone had gotten wet. My new phone didn’t have any of my personal information on it and all of my precious California vacation photos were lost. I decided to try Datalink Computers, even though I assumed that it was unsalvageable. I decided that I had nothing to lose. If it didn’t work, I would get most of my money back anyway. Within 24 hours I had my phone back and it was in perfect working condition. Brian was great.


Creating my pieces on the PC requires lots of power, and my Datalink computer keeps up with everything i do; from massive files size, billions of layers, never ending filter effects and not having to wait for calculation and rendering times. It helps me keep my mind on my next deathly terrifying creation instead of wanting to destroy my PC with a blunt sickle and setting it on fire. Luckily with my Datalink system, I don’t have to worry about that and it’s awesome, looks great, and has room for everything high-end component on the planet.


There are design companies, and then there are user experience, design, consulting, interface design, brilliant, and professional. DataLink Web Design, is by far one of the worlds least known developers.


I want to thank you guys so very much for the incredible speedy responses and resolution! Honestly, I expected my site to be down all night long. I didn’t realize that you guys were there late and would be able to get my site back up sooo fast!!

This is why I stick with local businesses like DataLink Computers! My clients depend on me, and I depend on you guys. Life sometimes creates a break in the chain, but I am amazed – and so pleased – at how fast you guys responded and fixed that chain.

Don’t ever change the way you are!!! I will continually recommend you folks to anyone who inquires about starting a website!

You guys deserve a pat on the back, and I extend my thanks to you in a big way!! I can actually go to bed and sleep without worrying about the loss of my customers!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


Want to shout out a BIG – HUGE THANK YOU to DataLink for saving my son’s iPod Touch! We experienced a major tragedy yesterday when I inadvertently washed my sons iPod Touch – it was in a pocket and I didn’t notice. Into the washing machine it went! Through the wash cycle, through the rinse cycle – all that was left was the spin, when we realized that the iPod was missing and, “Oh #*&$! – it’s in the washing machine! I immediately contacted Brian at DataLink Computers. Once in Brian’s possession, I got word that it was saved!! No $300 trip to Apple to replace it! No time lost reloading all the games, music, pictures…..! No worries – it’s saved!! This is an amazing invention! Add DataLink’s number to your quick dial because it’s only a matter of time until you need their assistance! Great job guys – and THANKS from me and Caden!

Dori (and Caden)

My 1-1/2 year old Dell Desktop began malfunctioning with viruses/pop-ups/trojans due to our high school age kids downloading weird stuff. The problem became so bad that it somehow compromised our anti-virus programs & fire wall. I found a DataLink Computers business card while out shopping one morning. I called and the next day took my computer in. They were able to completely clean up my problems in two short days without having to remove/save to disk any of my programs. They even installed the free and safe AVG virus protection program to keep my computer running virus-free. More recently our home experienced a short power outage and apparently my surge protector did not work the way it was supposed to…my computer’s power supply was blown. I took my computer to DataLink Computers and they fixed and I had it back within 24 hours. Fast reliable service is great these days! I will recommend Datalink to everyone I know. Thanks Brian!


Brian and I have been working together for over a year now and I am very pleased. I love the design and intuitive navigation, arrangement, and organization of the site. It is truly unique and exactly what I wanted.

They have done a spectacular job on my website and any additions or changes I have requested have been done quickly and effectively. My plant database is an invaluable, complex tool that Brian made possible. Brian has a thorough understanding of his work, loves what he does and I know he treats each new website as his next masterpiece/work of art.

Thank you! I couldn’t have a better website manager.


My desktop needed repair or replaced. I found out through DataLink that I could either have new hard drives put in or buy a new desktop tower and they would install it for me at home. Since my mobility is limited, they did all the work for me including installing software that I had requested. They also provided expert advice about additional software I should have.

Hands down, they are the best and really reasonable in price. There are other services out there but I would highly recommend DataLink Computers for your computer needs. It will save you time and money by going to them first knowing you are receiving the best professional service anywhere! Their level of service and experience is by far the greatest I’ve experienced before. You will definitely not go wrong with them!! Thank goodness there is a service out there that is fast, friendly and knows exactly how to fix and install a computer properly. Brian, thank you!


DataLink Computers is consistently responsive to any issues arising from shifts in strategy, global events, unanticipated maintenance needs, hosting and support.

The staff is friendly, collegial and makes each customer feel important, interesting, and worthy of excellence. The respect and patience they show is reflected in their work and our extreme satisfaction.


Brian is a true professional in every respect: responsive, accommodating, a real wizard with the hardware and software…and very reasonable!!! Most highly recommended…also, he is a very nice guy!!


We hired DLCS to organise our business online, simplify our process, create an amazing brand that communicated to our demographic clearly, and increase our sales. We highly recommend their entire team!


I received superb service with Datalink Computer Services. My laptop was previously serviced by another local company, which I encountered poor service. As a result, I was apprehensive to bring in my laptop to Datalink. But my fears about my laptop not working was calmed by the care and professionalism of the Datalink employee. I recommend anytime to go to Datalink for getting their computer repaired. You can trust them.


I love my new machine, I’ve even already given it a name. This has been a great experience for me, coming across datalink website. I have spend quite a bit of time researching different companies and their products, let me tell you – I am extremely pleased with choosing datalink !

This was my first time , selecting my own custom pc (hardware, components and software). This little beast is a great machine – my games look, feel & run a lot better than what I was using before this purchase. I am very impressed with the whole process from start-to-finish !! Only having my machine roughly one week, I can hardly stay off of it. Thus, selecting a case and mobo that I can upgrade as time goes on is a bonus.

I have been so excited about this, everyone I told about this – has asked me how is it? All I can say at first, is it’s pretty sweet and then start to carry on about all the details. Without further ado, I would like to say “Thank You” to the awesome guys that made this all happen for me. Once again – thank all of you, very much for exceeding my expectations. I will be a repeat customer – that’s for sure.


I had a great experience bringing my new laptop to DLCS for setup, and more. I also had to bring my old tower and old laptop, to get some old files recovered and put onto my new one. Brian was unfailingly patient, and asked me MANY questions to make sure he did what I wanted; he also gave me great advice on software and free downloads. I was really impressed with their courteous service, excellent communication, and absolutely terrific prices, which were spelled out up front. They also disposed of my old computers at my request, and wiped the data before doing so. I would highly recommend DataLink Computer Service for any pc service you might be looking for. I will happily go back if I have computer needs in the future.


Brian went the extra mile to get my laptop repaired quickly because I needed it urgently for business. No extra charge for that. His price was competitive, but the advantage was his sensitivity to my situation. The repair was well-done, too.


Took my bad hard drive to another store that told me it would cost $2000 to get my data. As a last resort to get my data back I thought I’d try DataLink. DataLink went out of their way and were able to get my data for a few hundred bucks. Can’t say enough about Brian his friendly business. Highly recommended.


My dell laptop crashed and I lost everything. Naturally, I freaked out and took it to the closest computer repair shop which happened to be DataLink. They were super friendly and were able to recover all of my lost data. They charged me a relatively cheap amount compared to what their hourly rate is and what their competitors charge. It would have been $1800 worth of labor but charged me $500. I would recommend this place to anyone.


I just had my laptop repaired at DLCS, and was very pleased with the service. The laptop is working better than ever, and all for a very reasonable price. I will use Datalink next time I need computer repair.


Everything was handled in top notch fashion and it put my mind at ease even though this is such a huge gut wrenching thing to have done. Thanks to everyone at DriveSavers!


Brian saved my data and my life!!. After my hard drive crashed last week during finals, I took it to the Genius Bar at the Apple Store all the way up in Tacoma who said there was about a 3% chance of getting any of my data back, and they couldn’t do anything. I was so distraught! Luckily, I found a DataLink Computers business card on the SouthShore Mall bulletin board while I was waiting to my hair done. Brian rushed to pick up my computer and spent hours upon hours working on it. Brian was so kind when I was so stressed, and got 95% of all the data back! I couldn’t believe he did it in only 3 days, and for a price I could actually pay. I looked at similar places that charged 3 times as much! Now my computer works like new. Brian is a real miracle worker, he is absolutely amazing!!