About DLCS

Brian D. Knight

Brian D. Knight

Owner, I.T. Speacialist

In 1988, DataLink Computer Services founder, Brian Knight, sold his first software application (written in BASIC) at the young age of 13 years. With the money he received for the sale of his educational software, Brian then launched DataLynx BBS.

At the BBS’s height, DataLynx had over thirty incoming phone lines and had gained nearly 20,000 paying subscription base users. The BBS had been featured in several publications at the time and was considered to be one of the top Bulletin Board Systems in the Northwest.

In 1992, DataLynx BBS, as was most other BBS’s, was replaced by the Internet. About this time, Knight, launched DataLink Computer Services. DataLink began as a provider of custom-build computers, computer repair, networking and so on. DataLink also offered many business solutions; from custom software and database development to enterprise-grade networking. In 1995, DataLink Computer Services began developing websites.

DataLink Computer Services, over the years, has held independent contracts with many companies, such as Aloha, Fujitsu, RedBox, Northwest Point-of-Sale, and more. All employees are Microsoft, Linux and Cisco certified. And DataLink Computer Services is an authorized reseller of Dell, Lenovo, Cisco, NCR, Panasonic, Intel, Asus, NEC, Gigabyte and many other brands.

We are the jack-of-all-trades when it comes to the information technology industry; so, if you or your business is looking for a professional with years of hands-on experience to fulfill your computer, networking administrative or web development needs; then look no further; we do it all.